Year-Round Fees – season 2021-2022


Junior Program                       €7.500/year


Advanced I Program               €8.000/year


Advanced II Program              €8.000/year


Advanced II Program              €8.750/year (including ESB Audition Package fee)


Trainee Program                      €9.500/year (including ESB Audition Package fee)


  • ESB Audition Package fee includes:
    • Audition mentoring and advising from ESB
    • Networking with companies & artistic directors
    • ESB template for CV and supervision of documents
    • Four professional pictures from ESB photographer
    • Contents, coaching & filming for video audition links


These fees are exclusive of lodging and supervision expenses.

Tuition fees have to be paid following ESB’s payment options. Tuition fees are non-refundable.

However, in case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances during the season, ESB might decide to refund families on a pro rata basis for the months of effective study within the school.