Application & Fees

  • ESB Winter School: December 5th- 17th  2022 – daily classes, except Sunday December 11th, from 10:00 – 17:30.
  • Advanced Level:  13-16 years old
  • Pre-professional Level: 17 to 21 years old
  • Due to a limited number of places, a selection will be made based on the applicant’s resumé, photographs, and a short video. Applying for the course does not automatically guarantee a place: only applicants who receive a confirmation of acceptance will be admitted to the course.


How to apply?
You can apply for the ESB Winter School via our ESB Applications website. After creating an account, you can fill out the digital application form. Applications have to be sent before November 13th, 2022. The application form includes:

  • Portrait photo: (for administrative purposes only)
  • Video link: 6-minute maximum classwork (no barre)
  • Full body photo: Tendu à la seconde (en face)
  • Full body photo: First arabesque (en profil)
  • Full body photo: Demi plié in first position (en profil)
  • Optional dance photo of your choice


Application fee
There is a non-refundable application fee of €45 to cover administration costs. Applications will be processed only after the application fee has been paid. Payment will take place online, after submitting the application. Due to a limited number of places available, candidates are advised to apply as soon as possible.


Course fees
It is only after receiving confirmation of acceptance that participants will be asked to pay the course fees:

  • Advanced & Pre-professional course fee: €1.300
  • ESB student fee: €900

These fees include all dance classes, coaching, and the final presentation (if Covid-19 measures allow it). Not included are all drinks, food, personal expenses, and accommodation.

More information about the accommodation package can be found on the Accommodation Page

For ESB students, the fee exceptionally includes their usual accommodation and food.

For payments and deposit rules, please check Terms and Conditions.


Important health information: ESB follows all Dutch governmental health regulations and guidelines.


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