Tamako Suzuki, a Tokyo-native, works in the fields of composition, arrangement, and jazz piano. Her journey ignited with a notable win at the Yamaha Electone Competition’s All Japan Finals, propelling her into a remarkable musical expedition.

Completing her specialised studies in Composition (Film and Broadcast Music Course) at Tokyo College of Music, she honed her expertise in orchestral score writing and diverse composition techniques, establishing a versatile foundation within the domain of audio-visual art.

With a background in crafting soundtracks for various media productions during her academic tenure, she has contributed as a ballet accompanist at esteemed institutions. Her enthusiasm for collaborative ventures remains a cornerstone of her artistic expression. Her passion for merging music with visual elements, dance, and unconventional disciplines like recitation and calligraphy, highlights her ability to spontaneously craft melodies that transport audiences into captivating worlds.