Terms and Conditions

1.    Applicants have to be dancers at an advanced or (pre)professional level between the ages of 11 and 21 years of age. Participants should be between those age ranges by the first day of ESB Summer School.

2.    There is an application fee for each ESB Summer School audition. This fee covers the costs of administrative work incurred in processing applications as well as fees charged to ESB by its IT system administrator. Application fees are non-refundable.

3.    Participants will be selected from the applications submitted and will be notified of their application result using the email address they submitted in their application form.

4.    Applications cannot be accepted without photographs and videos (unless the participant has received a certificate of acceptance from ESB), and will be processed only after the non-refundable application fee has been paid.

5.    The decision of the administration is final, and no correspondence will be entered into if the result of the application is not favorable. The application fee will not be reimbursed to applicants not chosen for the course.

6.    Cancellation: in case the administration has to cancel ESB Summer School due to unforeseen circumstances, all paid fees (except for the application fee) will be refunded to the participant, unless announced differently by the administration.

7.    Withdrawal and refunds: withdrawal of a participant from Summer school must be communicated in writing (email to summerschool@schoolofballet.eu). The percentage of tuition and lodging fee refund will depend on the number of days before the starting date of the Winter/Summer School that withdrawal is communicated.

Refund Level:

Days before the starting date of ESB 2024 Summer School (July 8th 2024)

60 days or more – 90% refund tuition fee / 90% refund lodging fee
59 – 30 days – 50% refund tuition fee / 50% lodging fee
29 – 21 days – 30% refund tuition fee / 30% refund lodging fee
20 days or less – No refund

8.    Insurance: Participants are advised to take out personal insurance that will cover their withdrawal due to injury/illness, medical treatment, hospitalisation, or any other personal or family situation orcircumstance that might prevent them from attending ESB Summer School. All refunds will be processed, irrespective of the cause for withdrawal, based on the conditions laid out on clause 7 of these terms and conditions.

9.    All participants should take adequate medical insurance to cover any medical expense during their whole travel and stay. ESB cannot pay or facilitate financially in any way medical treatment of its Summer School participants.

10.    No participant can attend the course if carrying an injury that will prevent them from full participation in the course. The judgment of the administration is final.

11.    All participants agree to abide by the general ESB code of conduct, which will be made available to participants before their arrival. For students staying at the accommodation facilities, they agree to abide by the rules and regulations set by UNLV.

12.    The final schedule for the course shall be posted online in our website and on the notice board of the studios on the first day of the course.

13.    The administration reserves the right to change the members of the faculty in the event of illness or any other unpredictable event.

14.    All participants must bring appropriate dancewear as specified within the information bulletin that will be sent to the participants who are admitted to the course. Women are expected to bring a supply of pointe shoes.

15.    The administration cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury, however caused, to any person attending the course or third parties, nor for the loss or damage of any property, on or off the premises of the course or other arranged accommodations and/or locations. We recommend participants take out personal and liability insurance.

16.    All classes are compulsory and the administration reserves the right to end the participation within the course of any student who misses classes without a valid reason. If absence from a class is unavoidable, participants are required to inform the coordinator of their intended absence before the class begins.

17. During ESB Summer School, the administration may take photographs and/or make recordings (both audio and video) for archives and/or publicity purposes. By agreeing to participate in ESB Summer School, participants (or their parents/guardians in the case of underage students) agree to granting authorization to ESB to use these photographs in official ESB material (print, internet, other media). Additionally, participants understand that these photos/videos will be used at the professional discretion of ESB staff. Any right to royalties or any other economic compensation arising or related to the use of the image/videos is waived by the participating students (or their parents or guardians).

18. Physical contact of a respectful and professional nature may be used for pedagogical reasons by members of the teaching faculty.

19. Conditions for the Summer School might be changed over time. In case this happens, the administration will notify the applicants in a timely manner by email.

20. For occurrences which these terms and conditions do not foresee, the decision of the administration is final.