Riva & Repele is an artistic association founded by Simone Repele and Sasha Riva in Geneva in 2020. Very quickly, they felt the need to express themselves in an original and creative way by collaborating together. The creative synergy of this collaboration was a constant source of inspiration, with each dancer bringing his or her own perspective and artistic sensibility. They felt the need to start building their own environment to surround themselves with artists who would inspire them and help them grow. Sasha and Simone’s choreographic works are rooted in a strong, sensitive and poetic theatrical aspect. Stylized images are bound together by a neoclassical, contemporary vocabulary and powerful gestures.
In Italy, they collaborate with dance agency Daniele Cipriani Entertainment, creating and performing at Daniele Cipriani’s parties as well as on their own touring productions. Defined as the”Poets of Dance”, they presented their first full-length ballet “Lili Elbe Show”,already performed in several theaters in Switzerland, Spain and Italy during an extensive tour in the 2022/23 season. In 2021, they were the only foreign company selected by Centro Coreografico Canal in Madrid, and recently they were again programmed by the prestigious Festival Madrid en Danza.


Riva & Repele were given the opportunity to present their work “La Jeune Fille et Les Morts” at the “Noverre Gesellschaft 2022”,the renowned choreographic platform of the Ballet OF Stuttgart. Following their performance, the company director decided to include their choreography in the Stuttgart Ballet repertoire for the 2024/2025 season. Since 2022, they have been collaborating with director Damiano Michieletto. With him, they created L.Bernstein’s opera “Mass” for the Rome Opera, which premiered at the Caracalla Festival. Sasha and Simone recently created for the city of Rome’s bid for Expo 2030, performing alongside former Paris Opera Etoile Eleonora
Abbagnato. They have been invited to perform at numerous international galas in countries such as Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland,Spain, France and the
Netherlands. They also collaborate with artists such as Silvia Azzoni, Parvaneh Scharafali, Igone de Jongh and Yumi Aizawa. In 2023 they were selected to have a
residency at Orsolina 28 to create their new full-length ballet “Dear Son,”. Their future projects will see them working for international companies such as the Rome
Opera, Stuttgart Ballet, Teatro Massimo Palermo and Augsburg Ballet.