Online Meetings


10 International Stars of Ballet

July 13th to July 24th


Annabelle Lopez Ochoa

International Choreographer


Evan McKie

Principal Dancer National Ballet of Canada


Kathryn Bennetts

International Ballet Mistress/Forsythe Stager


Olga Kostritsky

School of American Ballet/Wheeldon stager


Goyo Montero

Choreographer/Director Nuremberg Ballet


Maina Gielgud

International Ballet Mistress/Stager


Suki Shorer

School of American Ballet/Balanchine stager


Matthew Ball

Principal Dancer The Royal Ballet


Dinna BjØrn

International Ballet Mistress/Bournonville stager


Julian Mac Kay

Principal Dancer San Francisco Ballet



Amsterdam Summer School 2020

ESB  Summer School 2020 will take place at ESB dance studios in Amsterdam between July 27th and August 7th. (Following the Covid-19 pandemic, ESB had to cancel its original summer school in Rome, Italy).


This Two-Week Intensive (students aged 14 to 21) 2-hour classes will be taught by ESB faculty Jean-Yves Esquerre, Olivier Wecxsteen, Christiane Marchant and Cédric Ygnace.

  • Both Marchant and Ygnace will teach a morning workshop based on ESB’s Choreographer Laureate, David Dawson.


Two world-renowned guests will give afternoon workshops.

  • International choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa will create on students a short piece based on her material.
  • International ballet mistress and Forsythe stager Kathryn Bennetts will work on Forsythe Technologies, improvisation and repertoire material.