Auditions for European School of Ballet

can be submitted online throughout the year.


In addition to your personal details, we ask you to upload:

  • A video that contains a classical solo, a contemporary solo, barre work (5 minutes max) and center work (5 minutes max)
  • Photographs: portrait, tendu à la seconde, first arabesque, demi plié in first position
  • Costs for the audition are €30, which can be paid online after submitting your application.
  • Dancers will be contacted within the three weeks following their applications.

To apply, you need to register for an account:

ESB is a member of International Audition Preselection Guidelines (IAP Guidelines) and abides by the agreement taken by top world company and school directors in 2017.

Questions & Information about Year-Round / Internship Trainings auditions: