MovArtProductions Foundation

MovArtProductions is a foundation aiming at promoting arts, culture and education via a large array of events. The foundation also hosts the European School of Ballet.

  • Conferences on dance and other related topics underlining the roots of traditional currents into various world cultures. Dutch and international lecturers will participate into these conferences that will target schools and professional structures.
  • Workshops of specific types of dance teachings, from the most traditional to the most current and diverse techniques. These workshops will feature top-of-their-field educators in their respective teaching, who can raise the expertise and excellence of students and professionals.
  • Performances and demonstrations of young Dutch and international artists. These performances will take place in Holland but might be exported abroad via different circuits of touring managements.
  • Summer school for young professional dancers. This three or four-week yearly event will gather a large number of national and international young pre-professional top dancers.

MovArtProductions goals:

  • Enhance the strategic position of Amsterdam and the Netherlands in Europe through a display of first-class international events.
  • Promote inter-disciplinary gatherings that should favor cultural exchanges and bonds.
  • Connect intellectual, artistic and cultural experts who can provide in-depth education and insight into future educational paradigms.
  • Display the great radiance and influence of the multicultural Dutch know-how and therefore attract and capture the future generations of artists, educators and creators.