Joana Rolo is a Portuguese pianist based in The Netherlands. She is a multifaceted pianist, who studied in Lisbon, Krakow, and Rotterdam and performs regularly in solo recitals, chamber music recitals and with large ensembles. She is passionate about Dance, Opera, Musical Theatre and Cinema, leading her to frequently develop multidisciplinary projects in collaboration with dancers, singers, and theatre makers, as well as performing with silent movies.
A fine interpreter of Bach, Scarlatti, Schubert, and Mozart, she is constantly expanding her repertoire through an increasing interest in improvisation and Contemporary music.

In addition to being a performer, Joana is passionate about and has been dedicated to the cause of arts education from early in her career. She has conducted several teaching training projects in the fields of music and dance in Nepal, Mozambique, and Myanmar, and is always looking for new opportunities to raise the profile and visibility of the arts. With opera singer Elvire de Paiva e Pona she has founded “Vocalini”, a project whose goal is to make opera singing accessible to children around the world.

Joana Rolo is also a radio author and host. After her first show called “As Notáveis” she has started a collaboration with Rádio Antecâmara for a new weekly Podcast dedicated to the musical toponyms of the city of Lisbon.
Besides that, Joana is also the artistic director of a street music festival taking place in Lisbon and named “Músicas de Uma Noite de Verão”.

In addition to her professional endeavours, Joana is an enthusiastic dancer, a dedicated swimmer, and a beginner scuba-diver. She holds a degree in Art History from the NOVA – University of Lisbon.