Internship Programs

Over the years, ESB’s Director, Jean-Yves Esquerre, has built strong relationships with some of the top key players in the ballet world.

  • Youth America Grand Prix, Prix de Lausanne, Amazing Arts Japan, A.E.D. Italy are some of the producers of major competitions and/or auditions promoting talents and offering dancers to join ESB.
  • National Ballet School of Canada, Paris Opera Ballet School, Zurich Tanz Academie, some of the schools having organized regular exchanges or internships for some of their exceptional dancers who joined Jean-Yves Esquerre’s Trainee Programs.

ESB offers a unique set of internships so that dancers from all over the world can experience an intensive period of training in Amsterdam. These fees are exclusive of lodging expenses.

  • Junior Program (13-15 years old):€ 5.450 for 6 months
    € 3.150 for 3 months
  • Advanced Program (15-17 years old):
    € 5.800 for 6 months
    € 3.300 for 3 months
  • Trainee Program (17-19 years old):
    € 6.300 for 6 months
    € 3.550 for 3 months

One-Week Scholarships & Acceptances

Throughout the season, ESB offers dancers One-Week Scholarships (free of charge) or One-Week Acceptances into one of the school’s three programs.

  • Advanced/Junior Programs
    € 500
  • Trainee Program
    € 600