Participants can choose to make use of the Summer School Accommodation Package. The Accommodation Package offers lodging at a location closeby the studios in Rome, as well as various arrangements for meals and supervision services.

ESB Summer School has a number of apartments available for participants of our program, which are shared between multiple Summer School dancers (boys and girls separated). All apartments can be reached by public transport within 30 minutes from the studios.

The Accommodation Package comes in four kinds, depending on the course that you will be attending:

Accommodation Package 1: Bournonville Week (€ 425)
Check-in: 12 July 2020
Check-out: 19 July 2020

Accommodation Package 2: Two-Week Intensive (€ 850)
Check-in: 19 July 2020
Check-out: 2 August 2020

Accommodation Package 3: Three-Week Intensive (€ 1.275)
Check-in: 12 July 2020
Check-out: 2 August 2020

Accommodation Package 4: 10-Day Intensive (€ 675)
Check-in: 14 July 2020
Check-out: 26 July 2020

Breakfast and dinner are included in the fee. Lunch is available daily at the studios for an extra € 8/day, to be paid directly at the studios.

When submitting your application for the Summer School, you can sign up for the Accommodation Package as well. Important: once you get accepted into the program, the fee for the accommodation is non-refundable! The number of available Accommodation Packages is limited, so we advise to apply as soon as possible.

Other accommodations
Please note: the administration of the ESB Summer School cannot assist you on finding other accommodation than the Accommodation Package!