Dafna Tsadok-Hai is a nutritionist and an advisor in training and health.

“My name is Dafna Tsadok-Hai and in 2010 I started DTH – Diet Training & Health. My goal is to support people, each with their own living situation and lifestyle, to advise and guide them in the field of nutrition and to help them achieve their goals.

Nutrition and sport – From an early age I have been a fanatic athlete myself. My life consisted of school, work and sports. As a result, I demanded a lot from my body and mind and so I discovered that good nutrition is indispensable. Because without good nutrition, top performance will not be achieved in any area.

Study – Following my interest in sports, I started studying at the Academy of Physical Education. I wanted to do my bit for the physical exercise of other people and hoped to let them feel what a great effect physical activity has.

From my own experience I knew that nutrition was also incredibly important. That is why, after completing the Academy for Physical Education, Nutrition and Dietetics, I started studying.

Specialization – During my studies in nutrition & dietetics I specialized paramedically in order to get the maximum of medical knowledge from the training and to be allowed to bear the protected title of dietitian. Furthermore, I have added the direction “Nutrition at sport”. At the Hogeschool van Arnhem / Nijmegen I expanded my knowledge even further by following the SCAS certified specialization “Sport dietetics”. In the following years I have further training in ‘Nutrition & diabetes’, ‘Nutrition and gastrointestinal complaints’ (IBS / PDS), ‘Treatment for eating disorders’ (also among young people and in sports) and I have the project share set up nutritional advice for Healthy Woman, in which working women in all age groups are provided with practical advice and tips from my team of dietitians.

My goal – While I was studying, a whole new world opened up for me, all the proverbial puzzle pieces fell into place. This was what I wanted to do for people: provide guidance in the field of nutrition and help people achieve and maintain optimum health. Top athlete or recreational athlete, student, office worker or fashion model, child, teenager, housewife or anyone else. Because good health, energy, a good feeling, a top performance depends on nutrition, whatever person you are.”

Dafna Tsadok-Hai joined European School of Ballet in 2018.