Born in Paris from Tunisian and Egyptian parents, Sabrine has grown dancing. Starting at the age of 12, she picked up on Hiphop and Jazz Funk under the tutelage of Mia Frye, and continued growing together with the Serial Stepperz in Paris. She danced in the streets, participated to many Parisian events (flashmob, commercials, private shows and celebrations, etc.) and soon started her own crew – KotaCrew. Together they spent 2 years practising and performing mostly HipHop in the west of France area.

She soon finds herself enjoying the rhythms of House dance and Dancehall where she gets en even deeper connection to herself as a person but also as a dancer. She takes many classes and workshops in Paris and overseas to know more about the cultures and improve her skills. She then gets the opportunity to start teaching Dancehall in Paris, and falls even more with the dance and the prospect of being a full time dance teacher.

Her love for international experiences brought her to Amsterdam in 2015 for work (Digital Marketer at Nike), where she discovers the Afro culture. She immediately falls in love with Suela Wilsterman’s classes and dedicates almost all of her time to training, exploring, sharing and exchanging with fellow dancers in Amsterdam and overseas. Her experiences as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer (Jonna Fraser concert, showcases, etc.) gets her the opportunity to teach at the Amsterdam Dance Centre and various other schools in Amsterdam. She soon joins the WOA crew (World of Afro) led by Precious Alvares (September 2019), where she gets even more knowledge in various African dances (from N’Dombolo to Coupé Décalé, Afrobeats, Afrohouse, etc.).

Today she’s decided to gather her knowledge and experiences to help students feel empowered, increase self-esteem and raise self-awareness through dance, to help them become better human beings and movements artists.

Sabrina Ewies joined European School of Ballet as a Guest Teacher in 2019.