Andrea García began her piano studies in Oviedo (Spain) where she finished with honors in piano performance. After that she continued her studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Naum Grubert. In 2006 she won the prize Muñiz Toca and she has performed as soloist, chamber musician and with orchestra at a variety of venues in Europe.

She has been taken lessons from Eldar Nebolsin, Galina Eguiazarova, Guillermo Gonzalez, Antonio Baciero, Julian Martin, Bob McDonald, Claudia Uribe, Dominique Weber,  Marc Durand, Jimmy Briere, among others.

Lately she is dedicated to accompany dance, playing for ballet classes, rehearsals, auditions and performances. As a dance piano accompanist she has worked in the Real Conservatorio de Danza Mariemma (Madrid), Conservatorio de Danza Fortea (Madrid), National Ballet Academy (Amsterdam) and European School of Ballet (Amsterdam). She  also plays for Junior Company of the ´Het National Ballet´ and she participates in international summer courses.

In addition to her work as a ballet pianist, Andrea frequently performs as a soloist and accompanist. Her professional career includes performances and recitals in Spain, Holland, Canada, France and Italy as well as participations in international music festivals.

Andrea holds her master degree in cultural management and she is actively involved in several music projects as head of production of the Festival Internacional de Piano de Gijón Piano and  founder of Garcia&Garcia music management among others.

Andrea Garcia joined European School of Ballet as pianist in 2017.